what types of sites do web developers provide!
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The job of the web development birmingham company is to make stylish and up to the mark websites. There are several types of websites that the developers can make for the business client. It depends on the client and the order that he gives to the developer.

The different types of websites that benefit the business firms are as follows:

· Basic website:

These websites are simple and more suitable for the small sized businesses. As the owners are running a small business, they can easily afford the developers who can develop the basic websites.

· Advanced or custom website:

These are the websites that are suitable for large and medium sized businesses. They have certain needs that are fulfilled only by an advanced website. They are advanced in the sense of content, design and customer engaging capacity. You may require a ruby on rails developer for some projects.

· E-commerce website:

The E-commerce websites are built for the businesses that run on website. These websites are like the online stores from where the customers can buy the products they like. These websites are developed by experts who charge up to several thousand dollars. It requires the presence of server setups, customer account setup, and payment processor setup and so on.

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